Frequently Asked Questions

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Know More About Tamara

What is Tamara?

Tamara is a pay later service without fees. You shop for the items you’re interested in and pay 30 days after the shipping date.

Are there any interest charges or hidden fees for using Tamara?

We don’t charge any fees for using Tamara. Our income comes from merchants whom we’ve partnered with, not from the customer.

Tamara may charge late fees if a customer does not pay within the 30-day limit. All late fees, however, are donated to government-approved charities.


How do I get a refund?

First, contact your merchant and request a refund. Once the merchant receives the item you wish to return or exchange, they'll process it exactly as they would if you were buying directly from their store. Tamara follows the refund policy of the store you choose to buy from.

How do I cancel an order that is yet to ship?

Tamara will remove the purchase from your bill as if you never made it! You will, however, need to contact the store from which you placed the order and tell them that you want to cancel. If the merchant agrees, you’re in the clear!

What if the items don’t show up or arrive damaged?

The merchant is responsible for the timely delivery and condition of your order. Reach out to the merchant and inquire about deliveries that are late and/or contain damaged goods. Tamara will proceed to collect the payment or settlement unless a refund request is issued and approved by the merchant.

What if I want to return part of my order?

You can request a partial refund through the merchant and Tamara will transfer this amount back to you. If you have not yet paid Tamara, Tamara will remove the returned item from your bill.

Why am I still being charged after returning the item(s)?

If you believe that the overall refund amount is incorrect, please reach out to the merchant. They will be happy to explain any fees that have been issued (and may not refund shipping costs).

Where’s my refund?

To see the status of your refund, sign in to your Tamara account and go to the Orders tab. Your refund will be listed in your purchase details as an adjustment.

Don’t see it? Give it three to four business days, it’ll show up.


How can I pay?

Log in to your Tamara account and pay your bills. Start by adding a payment method (Mada, Visa and master card all accepted) or pay using ApplePay. We’ll notify you via SMS and email when your payment due date approaches.

What happens if I can’t pay on time?

Tamara charges late fees of SAR/AED 25 in the event that a customer fails to pay within the 30-day limit. Income from late fees is donated to government-approved charities

Which cards does Tamara accept?

We accept a variety of cards, including Mada, Visa, Mastercard, and Apple Pay.


How do I reset my PIN?

Simply log in to your account and reset your pin. Enter your phone number and punch in the SMS code.

Why was my order declined?

Orders are filtered through Tamara’s vetting process. Things to consider:

- Are there sufficient funds in the account your card draws money from? Double-check.

- Do you owe a substantial amount to Tamara? It may help to pay some off.

- Is the value of your order high? Try removing a few items from your shopping cart.

- How many open orders do you currently have? Too many may result in a denied order.

When determining which orders to approve, we consider many factors, including how long you have been a shopper and your track record. The more orders you’ve paid on time, the more orders you’ll be able to place.

Help for Merchants

As a merchant, when do I get paid?

Settlement payments are triggered when an order is shipped by the merchant. Payments are made based on a pre-agreed settlement processing time.

As a merchant, how can I get in touch with you?

Just scroll down to the bottom of the merchant page and let us know what's up!

As a merchant, what happens to refunded products?

We follow your refund policy. Refunding with Tamara is better than using a payment processing company… because with us you won't incur any transaction fees.